Who The Heck Is Vivienne Westwood?


Ok, so lately the name Vivienne Westwood seems to be popping up everywhere. Maybe it`s because I`ve been a total Anglophile lately – loving the style of young Brits like Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson – but for some reason I`m seeing Vivienne Westwood all over the place. The thing is, I didn`t really know anything about her or her designs, so I did a little research – because, when it comes to fashion, Eva Knox simple needs to know everything!

From Punk to Runway

When I first saw images of Vivienne all I could think of was – that is one crazy looking punk-rock witch. She looks absolutely insane. She`s sallow, pale, and nearly 70, yet she dies her hair bright red and wears the most outlandish things you can imagine – talk about eccentric! But it all made a lot more sense when I found out that she basically invented Punk Rock style – she`s the woman who dressed Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. Over the past 35 years, the woman has gone from being a counter-culture icon to being a powerful mainstream designer and one of Britain`s leading fashion figures (she was even given the Order of the British Empire, making her Dame Vivienne Westwood). Her designs were even featured in the Sex and the City movie – how mainstream is that!

Below is a picture of Vivienne with Aygness Deyn, inheritor of her British-punk-princess crown.

Vivienne`s Signature Style

But, even though Vivienne is a mainstream hit (it seem like all of Britain`s coolest young stars are wearing her designs), she hasn`t lost her edge. Her clothes, bags, and shoes are always vibrant, engaging, out-there, and (at times) volatile. But who wants fashion to be safe and tame? I love the fact that Vivienne continues to stir things up with her designs.

Check out the runway photo from her Fall/Winter collection from last year. It`s all about rich, vibrant colours, angular and irregular designs, and edgy chic. I can`t say that I`d be able to pull off any of these designs, but there`s a 20-year-old girl in me who would love to try!

Vivienne`s Best Bags

I`ve been talking about style and clothes so far. But, this is a handbag blog, right? It`s about time I talk about some bags!

Vivienne Westwood is certainly more well known for her shoes and her prêt-a-porter collections than her bags, but I think that`s about to change. Why?

1. Her bags are edgy, vibrant, urban-friendly, and simple. All of these things are totally in right now
2. Her name carries with it both fashion blog cool and street credibility
3. The Vivienne Westwood logo has all the making for iconic status – it just needs to catch on.

Here are a few of my favourite Vivienne Westwood bags (all can be found on her website). Judge for yourself.

This little Westwood Derby Bag Albion is so cute I can hardly stand it.

This Ebury Midnight Blue is a perfect example of what I was talking about both in the simplicity and in the iconic emblem. Check out that gold Westwood orb!

I love this Stripy Bow Bag. It`s cute, edgy, and displays a beautiful sense of colour.

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Miu Miu Spring Collection: Off The Deep End With Arty Crap Collection

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So, early this week I wrote a piece about how much I`m loving Prada right now, so I thought it would be fitting to look at kid-sister line, Miu Miu, and see what they`ve been up to. Given the fab output from Prada this year, I reasoned that Miu Miu must have some good stuff going on too. Sadly, Miu Miu`s Spring collection is a huge disappointment – especially coming on the heels of such an excellent Prada collection.

Miu Miu Spring: Gaudy and Over-the-Top

The thing that I love about Prada`s Spring line is that it`s vibrant and fun without taking it too far. Great colours in classic styles with a dash of playful adornment – that`s all you need to make exciting bags. Miu Miu`s Spring 2011 line, in contrast, just looks like they`re trying too hard to make something new and unique. And, they`ve followed the current trend of using intensely bright colours, so we get set of overly elaborate, flashy, tasteless bags. The dress and bag above are just gross. Here`s a close up of that bag:

Why would anyone ever make a bag that colour? It hurts my eyes, it`s so bad!

What you can`t really see that well in the above pic are the strange cut-out straps and leather appliqués that are common in these bags (that neon-green bag has a cut-out strap, it`s just a bit blurry in that image). Here`s a better example:

Now, I can admit that it`s a nice idea. I think cut-out designs can be quite beautiful. But, this is just way to ornate for an everyday bag. And what`s with the chrome gloss, pink, and gold? It looks like they`re trying to pack in as many unsettling colours as they possible can. Hey Miuccia, it`s not cutting edge or avant garde to crowd your bags with gaudy colours – it`s just silly.

Ok. So, I`m not super fond of this collection, but I can admit that it`s not all bad. There are a few really nice pieces in here amongst all the clutter. I find that the collection works best when they simplify their tour-de-force, especially in the colour department, and when those appliqués are actually attractive. Here`s an example of a great outfit:

That dress with vibrant red, black and white – it`s really cool. And, the jacket is super cool, and strangely sexy. The only problem is, I don`t think I could actually wear it. In fact, I can`t even imagine anyone I know wearing this outfit. It`s still a little bit too out-there to be worn by most ladies, even if it looks great on the runway.

Here`s a bag I quite like:

So, in theory that appliqué should be just as hideous the rest of the collection, right? I mean, gold glitter and peach? Can that possibly work? I think that it does. You know why? Because it`s placed on a simple, white bag. This simple canvas gives the beautiful phoenix-esque flame design room to breath – it`s not competing with neon green or crimson red. This bag proves that Miuccia Prada still has a great eye for design, she just misses the mark sometimes when she aims for bags that are too arty.

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Prada Spring: Prada`s Back Baby!

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In my article Bringing The Fun Back Into Fashion I talked about home much I love the Prada Spring Collection, but for some reason I didn`t dedicate a whole piece to it. I feel like I`ve been talking to everyone I see about how much I`m loving Prada right now. Ever since New York Fashion Week I`ve been raving about their vibrant designs. And while it`s true that bright colors are the mode du jour for all designer handbags in the Spring collection, it is this gals humble opinion that Prada is doing it best. After a few years of subpar designs, I`m happy to say that Prada is back, baby!

The Best of the Spring Collection

A lot of people were more critical of this collection than I, so I`ll just mention a couple of the criticisms laid at this collection before I talk about why I love it. First, there have been claims that the bags are the worst part of Prada`s Spring collection. This is ridiculous. Prada has designed unbelievable shoes and prêt-a-porter for this Spring, so the fact that these bags don`t jump out at you immediately shouldn`t be a surprise. These bags are a part of an overall aesthetic that everything fits into – they`re part of a look, of great outfits, of a way of being. And, they look great in this context.

Secondly, there has been a critique that these bags are canvas when they should be leather. I have two retorts to this. First, I love canvas bags. I think it`s a great material and I make sure to maintain a balance between canvas and leather in my purse collection. Second, we all know that these bags will be translated into leather for retail. This happens every year! The aesthetic is outlined in the Fall fashion week season and this aesthetic is translated to a number of different materials and styles for retail in the spring.

I love these bags because:
1. They are simple, straight-forward, and elegant at once
2. Rather than relying on frills or gimmicks, they use simple, bold colours and classy designs
3. They are instantly recognizable
4. They perfectly blend classic designs with irreverent fun

So, now that the talking is out of the way, let`s look at the bags!

Up above you can see four examples of bags from the collection. I really like them all (though I don`t think they`re my favorites in the collection per se, just a great cross section and they`re great examples of a bunch of the things going on in this collection. You can see the bold colours, the stripes, and the cute handles and details.

This is one of my favs. I love the solid blue – and look at how well it matches the shoes! Love it!

And, this simple little bag. I love the contrast of the green top flap with black main bag. And, is this not textured leather? Some bloggers (who shall remain nameless) seem to claiming that there`s no leather in this collection!

Lastly, if you checked out the title image for this post you would have seen the lovely striped clutches with vibrant colours (against black) that are really making themselves seen. Check out how beautiful they look in contrast to the white dresses with elaborate prints. SOOOOOOOOO nice!

Prada Resort Bags

And, I couldn`t talk Prada without quickly mentioning these Prada resort handbags with exotically accented linen and straw. These are super elegant, sophisticated bags with a lightness that will be just perfect come summer. Have you seen any bags that look like these? Prada, you are on fire!

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Discount Louis Vuitton bags for High Quality but Low Price

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A lady having any cheap louis vuitton bags constitutes a declaration using style. She actually is considered to get closer the latest craze released in the empire of favor. Discount Louis Vuitton bags for High Qualitiy but Low Price are good choice. Look-alike Lv bags are still your associated with style, nobleness, persona and also interpersonal status. Consequently, they go pertaining to Louis vuitton Monogram Empreinte pertaining to alternative. All of these handbags tend to be 100% shown the real versions. The following is situated the reason why associated with replica handbags’ ever increasing popularity They want them to perfectly match up their everyday attire as well as retain the insignificant issues in way of life.


The actual tote may converse to be with her beauty, grace, persona and reputation. Because of replicaLVbags, we could find designer handbags without having to pay an excessive amount of for liked model. There are numerous sorts of discount LV totes together with varied colors and styles available in the market. Whatever variety you are looking for, you are able to undoubtedly choose one that may correctly fit anyone. Numerous females by no means quit death with regard to usage of elegant fashion handbags. Nonetheless, it’s not all line is fortunate enough to attract his or her eye.


Ladies really like bags this will let you craze throughout brand hand bags. These kinds of sorts of purses are very captivating that they encourage people to lose monthly income around the high end ingestion. Between countless well-known brands, probably the most prevalent one particular travels to Louis Vuitton. It is a fact why these types of bags can be a must for females. Possessing to be able to cheapest LV handbags, we could get might know about need from your legitimate artist versions with just a little bit of money. Each information which include substance, hardware, liner, leather-based trimming, construction and also chrominance are usually meticulously replicated depending on the real. Those producing sweet assertions using style yet staying away from massive rates is only able to enjoy women’s prefers. Folks can check out no matter whether their favorite items are very hot for the list provided by the shop owners. Thus can they assess discount designer handbags from brand name to an alternative less difficult and more rapidly.

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Customized Louis vuitton is your personalized service

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Today ,let me share some information about Customized Louis vuitton is your personalized service to all you guys! have you ever happened to carry the same bags with somebody in the same time? if you do ,why not try to Customized Louis vuitton personalized .it ‘s unique.

Half a century, Louis Vuitton, adhering to the tradition of “custom” to meet the travelers most special requirements to help show the personality and realize their dreams and proud.

FBB Fan Bingbing , “the agency LV bags Monogram personalized custom service


Louis Vuitton long-term offers a wide variety of personalized service, customers can choose to name the first letter stamping on various types of soft leather or hand-painted in the stiff dough trunk. On this basis, the brand launched a new program, customers have a real personal and exclusive Mon Monogram leather.


LV launch of the customized service gives you the opportunity to initials and stripes combination of beloved LV products and personalized design. More than 200 million kinds of surprising combinations of programs can make your favorite thing to highlight the unique personality. 17 kinds of optional color and LV no two bags over the past century the selected colors.

Bold technological breakthrough that enables personalized like LV bags as stand up to years of baptism, and more blooming charm. Produced Square will be in accordance with the colors you selected and the first letter for you to create classic bag models, the whole process can take up to eight weeks.

An acronym for up to three letters, up to 17 colors to choose from, pattern optional vertical or diagonal stripes, or initials and stripes combination, so that the same package shall have more than two hundred million kinds of different combinations.

The same time, the customer can also be selected color through the store’s computer modeling system to make purchasing decisions, after which the order will be sent directly to the Louis Vuitton workshops, to create the personal and exclusive Monogram leather. Neverfull handbags lining color may change according to the color of the selected pattern, large Neverfull handbags more width stripes to choose from. About an advance payment of 50% deposit, the Mon Monogram customization takes six to eight weeks. At present, about 100, Louis vuitton boutique available Mon Monogram service.

Hand-painted art has always been a pair of delicate hands on your favorite objects, draw a unique pattern of attention. Not in order simply for easy identification, but for your possessions to add the unique personality characteristics.

Karl Lagerfeld had LV customize an iPod storage box, this suitcase with Cheap Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 to switch to leather, decorated with copper red microfiber material, in order to display distinguished on luggage Karl Lagerfeld’s initials.

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2013 spring and summer Louis Vuitton men’s bags

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2013 spring and summer Louis Vuitton designer Kim Jones hands over the past few calm atmosphere of style, this century-old injected a lot of dynamic elements. Mountaineering packs a pleasant surprise as much as professional sports brand to the Louis Vuitton bags famous fashion circles this season has been full of sporty design, functionality, low-key classic board Check rough knots, hasp combination, luxury has also been a dynamic flavor. Orange, fluorescent yellow high-saturation color embellishment to create a prominent and eye-catching visual effects, rigorous and sophisticated Louis Vuitton has become full of street sense, different from the past.

Classic new style and features
Not only a new form of motility, the 2013 Louis Vuitton in spring and summer there are many with the past, the classic elements of handbag styles. The most classic board Check the familiar brown package large size of many similar academic style shoulder bag, suitcase handbag fame with the brand had come have a similar effect. Classic elegance have a new taste, who says Louis Vuitton too mature?

Movement sweeping the T station

Movement unrest has become the most important trend in the 2013 spring and summer men’s style , from Milan to Paris, many brands are embodied. Has been rigorous and the Louis Vuitton has become active and energetic up. Loose pullover with shorts and lightweight shoes, the combination of shoulder bags and hats, as if the mountain climbing monk full of charm. The series also has a full set of tight-fitting styles, sports style sunglasses with like immediately to sweat in the sports arena. In addition, reflected in the new series of the common anti-sports series also windbreaker style of Louis Vuitton.

 New City aristocracy

Despite a lot of movement and dynamic elements, emphasized the Louis Vuitton, will feel the same did not neglect, crocodile embossed material zipper hooded jacket, seemingly effortless design with a luxurious texture. Long loose coat to create a walk in the city between upstart image. Classic, luxury, Louis Vuitton’s men must be a model of the most successful people.

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